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Callala recognises the climate catastrophe is upon us all…

Channel partnership

Callala is a formidable partner for international geospatial and technology organisations who seek to access the UK marketplace. A strong scientific background, coupled with a robust and systematic business development approach, means we are well-placed to support a soft entry to the UK landscape.

Whether it be shorter-term market testing and commercial evaluation of the UK as a market for a mature product offering or a long-term sustainable and enduring commercial partnership, we are ready and primed to navigate the challenges and rewards of technology that underpins decarbonisation and net zero or climate adaptation and resilience outcomes.

Network of resources

We work hard every day to build strong partnership links. Whether these links translate to short-, medium- or long-term revenues, we build credible, dedicated and ambitious partnerships and collaborations, with integrity and transparency at the heart of each exchange.

We are honourable in delivering and standing by the claims made by our technology partners. We listen carefully to the market so that the technology offered meets the precise and overarching needs, and any areas of risk and uncertainty are identified, openly discussed and resolved.

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