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Environmental, social & governance

About us

Creating commercial opportunities with climate-positive outcomes

Callala is a climate-centric consultancy that seeks not to advise… but to do… to do well… and to do boldly…

At Callala, we recognise that the choices of the past translate to the climate change we see today. Targeted partnerships are creating the conditions for meaningful change. 

Our biggest ambition is to reconsider how and when we create resilient assets and infrastructure in order to, in turn, create resilient lives and livelihoods for generations to come. We understand the actions required today to enable decarbonisation and emission reduction – and we aim for a net zero UK within a generation.

Callala is a highly skilled STEM-based employer, combining enterprise scaling with strong diversity of thought. We recognise the importance of work-life balance and achieve this through individually tailored employment contracts to ensure that our employees and partners are provided with the flexibility they need to enjoy their lives to the full.


Callala is a climate-positive consultancy, delivering zero and low carbon technology and innovation support, stepping up to the ambitious net zero challenge. 

At Callala, we connect with childhood dreams of giving the environment a strong voice. Strong enough to interrupt and intervene in embedded, carbon-thirsty systems, processes and technology – legacy technologies that have been difficult to displace.

Through our partners, we underpin commercial efforts to deliver impactful sustainability, resilience and climate adaptation strategies through technology and innovation.  

Together, we can deliver strong environmental and commercial outcomes.

Our team

Founder/Director: Andrew Iwanoczko

Andrew has a wealth of experience in digital geospatial product development and technical skills that are centred on space-derived data analytics and geospatial intelligence.  

Using his extensive innovation-led commercial skills, he delivers technology impact into existing operations processes.  

From concept development to managing the innovation stages, market-testing, product refinement and ultimate translation into operational environments, Andrew delivers compelling technical and commercial insights and impact for Callala’s partners.

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